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I'm Kerri, I love cereal, Steam Powered Giraffe and probably everything else.
Also I’m a princess


if i have to watch steve rogers die in mcu and then watch bucky barnes get complete and utterly destroyed by it then marvel is paying for my fucking therapy bills



Remember kids always look into the barrel of a shotgun! (No seriously don’t do that, guns are dangerous o__o) Also I don’t smoke, thats a prop cigarette lol. Smoking is icky and gross but it works with a grungy post apoc person haha

So yea more pics, and more to come from some more sweeeet locations! 

Make up and Costume - Me 

Photography - Fantasies Muse Photography (

Gabi, you are gorgeous, wow! WOW!

Pics with the nose added, I took way too many pictures

Green eyes, also I did the nose because I really like that make up


I did the make up with water instead of the liquid mixture and used my finger instead of a brush since I have none, because im an impatient prick. Not to mention the head peice isint done quite yet but I’m sure it will be soon! Also I got lazy with my neck and ears. Impressive what you can do with foam and things laying around the house



I took some of my favorite moments from the new SPG video and made them into GIFs. Enjoy!


Do you wanna know how to do the robot? I’ll teach you that, too! | (x)

Let’s rock these dicks.



basically how all female celebrities are treated by the media